Applied Data Science

Welcome to the School of Applied Data Science!

The growing need for optimizing business processes has increased demand for data science skills. The role of the data scientist is to analyze, present, and predict key trends in data streams. Interdisciplinary data scientists who can apply their theoretical data science knowledge to solve real world problems in the fields of business and services are in high demand. This is why Modul University has decided to capitalize on its acknowledged interdisciplinarity by establishing a School of Applied Data Science and by launching a new BSc in Applied Data Science.  

The combination of different fields in MU’s interdisciplinary tradition ensures a comprehensive approach to the area of Applied Data Science at Modul University Vienna. This will ensure that research projects and education in applied data science will address complex and real-world problem solving in a variety of fields within industries and services such as: finance, e-commerce, media, healthcare, marketing, sales and communication. All require specialized skills in big data processing, analysis, reporting and visualization, Artificial Intelligence algorithms  Web and computer programming, as well as fundamental knowledge of business management. 

Educational Goals

Our study program acquaints students with the skills needed to collect, manage, analyse and exploit private and public data to achieve business goals. Future business - digital and online - needs people with this comprehensive knowledge of data science and the management skills to make the right business decisions.

Data science is about computer programming, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning but  our studies in Applied Data Science are much more than that. Both the application to real world  problems and inclusion of business management skills ensure that this study program is both practical and immediately applicable in the workplace.