Global Campus

In fall 2016 MODUL University Vienna established a global campus outside of Europe MODUL  School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Nanjing in China

Export - "Education"

With its international global campus, Modul University Vienna is making an important contribution to education and provides the basis for the intensification of international economic relations. Suresh Sivagnanam, Owner and Managing Director of Modul University Vienna, explains the importance of high-quality education offered by Modul University Vienna outside Europe: "We see from our student numbers that the quality standards of Austrian private universities enjoy a very good international reputation. The decision to export was also supported by the consideration to heighten the profile of Austria as an education provider internationally."

Modul University standards are very much in demand abroad

Furthermore, Modul University Vienna will ensure academic quality assurance. Mr. Sivagnanam comments: "The export of Austrian study programs can only be successful with a guarantee of the highest quality. With the Modul brand we can look back on more than 100 years of successful tradition, and our location in Nanjing gives us the opportunity to establish our usual high-quality standards outside of Europe."

To strengthen the academic vision and mission and to broaden its footprint, international activities are an indispensable factor for these goals. Modul University Vienna’s strategy in transnational education therefore includes – besides the student and faculty exchange programmes on a bilateral or EU level – knowledge transfer, campus setup, development of curricula, brand collaboration and academic advisory services. Modul University Vienna is constantly working on a deep integration of TNE into the quality assurance mechanisms and research and teaching activities of the home campus, providing a lively exchange with its collaboration partners and branch campus.