Modul School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Nanjing

Li Xiaosi, Chinese Ambassador to Austria, with Karl Wöber, MODUL University Vienna President

At the beginning of 2016, Modul University Vienna began an innovative educational cooperation with the Nanjing Tech University Pujiang Institute. The Chinese university showed great interest in offering its predominantly Chinese students an internationally-established tourism degree from Modul University Vienna, and thus the Modul School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Nanjing was founded.

Modul University Vienna signed a cooperation agreement with Nanjing Tech University Pujiang Institute to jointly offer study programs in English language in the field of business and tourism. The first project that is started in September 2016 is a dual-degree Bachelor program in Hospitality and Tourism Management, accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria).

The Bachelor degree program builds on the 3-year BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management program, which has been developed and fine-tuned since the foundation of Modul University Vienna in 2007, with additional courses  related to operations, culinary arts, restaurant and service management as well as hotel management and courses in personal development and business communications. All courses are taught in English by international faculty and national faculty with an international experience.

Rules and Regulations Modul School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Nanjing

The following academic rules and regulations apply for students at Modul School of Tourism and Hospitality Mgt. Nanjing: