New Media Technology

Current members of MODUL University Vienna's Corporate Advisory Board in New Media Technology (in alphabetical order):

CEO mobilkom Austria and Telekom Austria Group

Hannes Ametsreiter was born in 1967 in Salzburg where he studied journalism and communication as well as sports sciences. After earning his PhD, he continued his academic career with a couple of modules of the general MBA studies at Peperdine University in the US. He started his professional career as International Brand Manager with Procter and Gamble. In 1996, he started his career in the telecommunications sector with mobilkom Austria in the area of product management, of which he became supervisor of two years later. In 2000, he was promoted to the divisional head of marketing, and parallel to that, the procuration was transferred to him.
Since January 2001, Dr. Ametsreiter has been heading the newly created business unit – Marketing and Sales – which was expanded to Customer Services in June 2002. Additionally, he was CMO of Mobiltel (a part of the mobilkom Austria group) from July 2005 until July 2006. Since July 2007, Dr. Ametsreiter has held a dual function – next to the position as head of Marketing and Sales with mobilkom, he has been responsible for the divisions Marketing, Customer Services and Sales for Telekom Austria AG. Dr. Ametsreiter was promoted as CEO of mobilkom Austria and Telekom Austria Group in April 2009.

CEO Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Roland Falb has been a member of the management board of the Roland Berger Viennese office and a managing partner in the internationally-active strategic consulting company Roland Berger Strategy Consultants since 1996. Dr. Falb concentrates in particular on companies in the consumer goods sector as well as trading companies, and he is responsible for divisions strategy, marketing and sales, and logistics. Regarding these area of expertise, he is – apart from Austria - in charge of the emerging markets in CEE, where Roland Berger Consultants also runs offices in some of these countries.
After graduating from TU Graz (Industrial Engineering- Mechanical Engineering), he worked as research associate and focused on work organization and logistics. Between 1988 and 1996, he worked for Steirerbrau AG where he initially held a leading sales position. Following that, he was responsible for investment/shareholding politics. During the last three years at Steirerbrau AG, he was Human Resources Manager.
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is one of the leading strategic consulting companies worldwide. Founded 1967 in Munich, Roland Berger is the only European company that has succeeded among all global strategic consultants. Roland Berger supports one-third of the top 1.000 global companies and more than 40% of the leading European companies as well as public institutions in all matters related to strategic corporate management/governance.

Country Manager at Nokia Austria

Martin-Hannes Giesswein is Nokia’s Country Manager for Austria. He has had a variety of responsibilities at the company, working first in Germany as head of the enterprise division, and later relocating to Vienna to direct the Alps-Southeast region in the fields of Internet services as well as retail and product marketing. Prior to that, he worked at AI informatics as the business unit manager for Central Europe, with a focus on IT and web-solutions for the telecommunication and utility industry. Mr. Giesswein holds a degree in law, and began his career in the Chamber of Economy as legal adviser, lobbyist and e-business leader. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to managing the impact of new media on traditional businesses and transforming organizations from the old economy to new business models. In these areas, he is organizing networks of experts to foster the cross-company understanding of the beneficial use of new technology and is lecturing on the business aspects of the web.

Martin Hammerschmid was born in 1967 and studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics. He began his career in the banking sector at Raiffeisen Bausparkasse and has more than 10 years of management consulting experience from his time at KPMG Consulting/BearingPoint and Horwath&Partners. Martin has lead numerous projects - mainly in the financial and telecommunications industry - in the field of M&A, strategy, customer management and payments. At Unisys, he was responsible for the financial industry in the Central and Eastern European Region. At First Data he was leading the business development activities in 21 CEE countries as member of the regional board. During the last four years Martin was Country Manager of EMC in Austria and focused on cloud computing, big data and security topics. EMC has about 140 employees in Austria and is the market leader in storage.

Wolfgang Horak

Wolfgang Horak began his IT career with Philips Data Systems in Vienna. From 1976 to 1984 he held various leadership roles at Burroughs in Vienna and Frankfurt/Germany. He joined Nixdorf in 1984 as a Sales Director and after the Siemens-Nixdorf merger Wolfgang Horak took over as head of public authorities and utility division. He transferred to Siemens Austria in 1996, where he was responsible for the business with the new network operators & multimedia. From 1999 to 2001 he was also founder and managing director of a new Siemens startup, bit media e-Learning Solutions. In 2000 he was asked to manage the worldwide Siemens e-Business project in Munich headquarters, upon completion he took responsibility for CRM in the Corporate CIO department. From October 2003 to 2005 Horak returned to Siemens Vienna and acted as Director Siemens One for CEE (Central Eastern Europe). In 2005 Horak joined Fujitsu Siemens Computers as Managing Director Austria and in December 2008 he was appointed Senior Vice President SEE (South Eastern Europe) with responsibility for 19 countries, more than 1.000 employees and over $ 1 billion in revenue. This function was extended after the transition to Fujitsu Technology Solutions on April 1st 2009. In 2012 Horak founded his own company WHMC e.U. for IT consulting and sports management, serving major customers in Europe. Since 2012 he is also managing OSSBIG, Austria’s largest open source association. Besides professional business, Wolfgang Horak is President of the basket club Vienna D.C. Timberwolves, Vice President EWBA (Erste Wiener Ballsport Akademie) and Member of the Advisory Board of MODUL university.

CEO Karmasin Motivforschung

MMag. Dr. Sophie Karmasin, was born in 1967 and has been living in Vienna. She is the CEO of Karmasin Motivforschung GmbH. Her psychology and business administration studies (graduation in 1992) and various positions in advertising agencies as well as with Henkel lead her to market research and her current heading function. Besides Dr. Karmasin is giving lectures and seminars nationally as well as internationally and publicizing different articles.
In 2006, she was involved in the foundation of the Innovationspraxis, a company specializing in innovation processes. Additionally she has founded a separate consulting company - Sophie Karmasin Market Intelligence Gmbh - together with Wolfgang Rosam and Dietmar Ecker.

CEO Cisco Austria

Achim Kaspar is head of the Austrian operation for Cisco. He has been involved in the ICTC industry for over 13 years and has worked with leading public and private companies in Austria and with Austrian and EU institutions. He joined Cisco in April 2008 as General Manager for Austria after being CEO of a leading Austrian business telecommunications provider for many years. Prior to this he held other leading positions in the Austrian telecommunications industry and spent time in various management roles in the Austrian energy sector.
Dr. Kaspar is a well-known expert on market liberalization in the energy and telecommunications industry. He is also a board and expert group member of different public and private industry organizations.
Between 2003 and 2007, Dr. Kaspar served as president of VAT, the Austrian Association of Alternative Telecommunication Providers. He is author of several white papers and other publications in the ICTC sector and holds a PhD in business economics from the University of Graz (Austria). He is married with two sons and enjoys skiing.

Vienna State Parliament and Chair of the Internet Center for Education

Barbara Novak was sworn in as a member of the Vienna City Council in April 2001 at the age of 24. As a spokeswoman for information and communication technology, she is responsible for projects concerning trend-setting infrastructure and content, like broadband networks, and ground-breaking IT-applications in Vienna.
Barbara Novak is also chairwoman of the ICE-Vienna association, carrier of and developer of the Vienna Education Network WBN. The dedicated politician was trained as manager for tourism and hotel business and in addition to her political function runs her own business as a consultant for PR and IT affairs.
One of her targets is media pedagogic education for all, in order to antagonise the Digital Divide. „Not until we succeed in splitting resources in information and communication technologies-policy equally between infrastructure, education and content can Vienna ascend among the world leaders in the ICT-sector and evolve into the most innovative broadband-city in Europe“, Barbara Novak sketches the cornerstones of Vienna’s ICT-policy.

Since June 2012 Michaela Novak-Chaid is serving as Country General Manager of the Printing and Personal Systems Group of HP Austria. She is responsible for the entire business portfolio of PCs, workstations, monitors, printers and printing solutions in Austria. After career stops at FACC Fischer Advanced Composite Components and ABN Amro Bank, she took on the role of Credit & Risk Manager in Financial Services for Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa in 1998. After the merger between Compaq and Hewlett-Packard in 2002 she managed the Credit and Collection organisation in Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa until 2006. In 2007 she took over the position as Director of Finance for HP Austria, joined the HP Austria management board and moved to managing the business of Imaging & Printing of HP Austria in 2010. Ms. Novak-Chaid graduated with a degree in international commerce from the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna (WU Wien). She is married, has two children and a great interest in new technologies, entrepreneurship, travels and running.

Austrian Federal Chancellery

Mr. Christian Rupp was appointed as the Federal Executive Secretary for the eGovernment initiative of the Austrian Federal Government in spring 2003. Beginning in fall 2005, he has been the spokesperson of the Federal Platform “Digital Austria” in the Austrian Federal Chancellery, which coordinates the ICT and eGovernment activities between local and national governments and municipalities, as well as industries. Since 2006, the Federal Republic of Austria has been ranked number one by the European Commission for eGovernment Services in Europe. Many applications of “Digital Austria” have been recognized with the eEurope Award and the UN Public Service Award, in addition to other international honours. Collaborating with many countries in the CEE, SEE, and the Arab League, “Digital Austria” has built up a know-how and technology transfer program in the ICT and eGovernment sector.
In his function in the Federal Chancellery, he is also member of the advisory board for the Information Society, which coordinates the EU Digital Agenda activities in Austria. For nearly ten years prior to his activities in the Federal Chancellery, he was the eBusiness representative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. Beyond that, he was Vice-Director of communications and marketing, Director and founder of the eCenter (development of training and advisory tools), and adviser for international technology and know-how transfer in the Chamber Organisation.
In the last fifteen years, Mr. Rupp has been involved in various committees of the European Commission; the i2010 high level group and the eEurope steering committee among them. He was also the organizer of the “eInclusion EU Ministerial Conference & Expo 2008”. At the moment, he is on the Board of Directors for the United Nations World Summit Award in eContent and Creativity (UN-WSIS, UN-GAID, UNIDO, UNESCO), and is Vice Chair of the International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA), as well as on the hearing committee for the qualification “CMC – Certified Management Consulting” (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes).

Managing Partner – Serentschy Advisory Services GmbH

After finishing his term as CEO Telecommunication and Postal at the Austrian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (RTR-GmbH) in January 2014, Mr Serentschy founded his own consulting firm in February 2014, advising the C-level and top experts in the Telecom, Media and Technology sector in the areas of strategy, policies, regulatory issues and communication. During his tenure as a Regulator from 2002 until 2014, RTR began to act also as a public think-tank for telecommunication and electronic media topics. Besides his national agenda, Mr Serentschy was actively involved in the coordination of telecommunication issues with the European Commission and 28 national European agencies. In 2010 he has become a member of the board of the European regulatory body BEREC. In December 2010 he was appointed as Vice Chair of BEREC for 2011 as well as Chair of BEREC for 2012. Before these assignments, Mr Serentschy was Managing Director of Arthur D. Little's operations in Austria and Central Eastern Europe. His main fields of activity in top-management consulting were marketing issues, strategy development and finance for fixed and mobile operators as well as Internet service providers. His professional experience of more than 30 years lead him to various industries, such as satellite communications, research in the energy sector and software development. Before starting his industrial career, Mr Serentschy worked as a nuclear physicist in basic research. He graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria, and holds a PhD degree in nuclear physics and mathematics.

SC Dr. Arthur Winter was born in 1944 and studied law and political science before he started his professional career in 1970 in the office of the federal chancellor (Bundeskanzleramt) within the department of IT-coordination.
In 1986 he transferred to the Ministry of Finance where he headed the principle department in the IT-section. Since 1992, Dr. Winter has headed the IT-section in the Ministry of Finance where he is, among other duties, responsible for the implementation of the ADV-accounting and the setup of IT-Controlling instruments as well as the setup of a corporate network not only in the financial administration but also in the entire public sector. In addition to that, he has been involved in the outsourcing of the federal data processing center and the promotion of various e-government solutions (e.g., FINANZ online). He also implemented the tool SAP/R3 in the accounting system of the Austrian Federal Administration.