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TourMIS Workshop 2009

MODUL University Vienna hosted the 5th ECM&ETC Joint TourMIS Workshop and a Seminar on Tourism Marketing and the Social Web

The event is an initiative jointly organized by European Cities Marketing, European Travel Commission & MODUL University Vienna every year. The event was generously sponsored by the Austrian National Tourist Office and the Vienna Tourist Board.

*last update: Sep 8, 2009*

The 5th ECM & ETC Joint TourMIS Users’ Workshop took place at MODUL University, in Vienna, September 3-4, 2009. The 86 delegates attending the event represented city and national tourist organizations, universities and companies from the hospitality and tourism industry from 25 different countries in Europe.

  • September 3: The workshop offered training on the usage of the TourMIS, the online marketing information-system for tourism managers ( The morning session was devoted to train the users about tourism statistics and data input functions. The afternoon presentations focussed on the use of the system to perform analyses, such as benchmarking destinations' performance, assessing seasonality, benchmarking prices for tourism related services and monitoring the demand for cultural attraction. The day ended with the presentation of the newest implementation of the system, an innovative application to forecast tourism demand.

    The workshop was enriched by the contributions of TourMIS users Vincent Nijs (Visit Flanders), Gemma Segura (Turisme de Barcelona) and Claus Sager (ECM Benchmarking Report), which can be downloaded here below.

  • September 4: „They are talking about you on the web“ and you want to listen to them: how to do that? During the seminar experts and representatives of the tourism and media industries shared their knowledge in the attempt to answer the question and shed light on one of the most discussed topic of the moment: Web 2.0 marketing.
    In the morning session, City and National Tourist Offices presented how they moved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, shared their impressions and discussed about the still open questions concerning this type of marketing activities, such as the problem of tracking and assessing the performance of social-web based marketing activities. In the afternoon, the contributions of experts from the industry and academia unveiled aspects of social webbers' profile and attitudes in using the Internet, provided suggestions on how to create an attractive global travel 2.0 portal and presented the state-of-the-art methodology to automatically analyze online media and user?generated content to measure media coverage, reputation, to assess the impact of events and to reveale changes in destination profile.

All the presentations and pictures of the event can be downloaded from this page.

We thank the sponsors, speakers and delegates for their contribution to the success of the event. We look forward to meeting you at next years' TourMIS Workshop!

Prof. Dr. Karl Wöber
Valeria Croce

Researcher and Lecturer

Venue: MODUL University Vienna Am Kahlenberg 1, A-1190