University Committees

Examination Regulations Conference

The Examination Regulations Conference, as laid down in Chapter VIII of the university's constitution, is responsible for revising the examination regulations

The conference is composed of all Deans, a representative of the Studies and Examinations Committee nominated by its chair, the head of quality management nominated by the University Board, one representative of the Program Managers (Academic Office) nominated by the President, and two student representatives.

The current members are:

  • Garaus, Marion (Dean of the Undegraduate Study Programs)
  • Dickinger, Astrid (Dean of the PhD Study Program)
  • Gunter, Ulrich (Dean of the MSc and MBA Study Programs)
  • Nixon, Lyndon (Representative of the Studies and Examinations Committee)
  • Calhoun, Benjamin (Head of the Academic Office)
  • Aubet, Clotilde (Head of Quality Management)
  • Breitwieser, Caroline (Student representative)
  • Schöberl-Goess, Aglaia (Student representative)