Ownership and Committees

The Gender & Diversity Party (GDP) was established in 2015 in order to deepen Modul University Vienna's commitment to diversity management which includes all issues related to gender equality, special needs, religious freedom, etc. We aim to put our core university values into practice by fostering a working culture that is characterized by mutual respect and an appreciation for diversity. Our chief instrument in helping us to achieve our goal lies in our ability to raise awareness, facilitate dialogue, and advocate for change. As such, we exist as an advisory group with a close relationship to the University Senate and Works Council that enables us to shine a light on pressing issues related to diversity at MU. At this stage in our development, we do not have the capacity to enforce university policies or penalize offenders on behalf of injured parties. Instead, we choose to take an educational, remedial approach to implementing diversity management at MU that will allow our community to live and learn together in a safe and respectful space. As such, all members of the MU community are welcome to approach the GDP for professional and confidential (unless otherwise agreed upon) advice, suggestions, mediation between students, faculty, and/or staff, etc.

It is our pleasure to serve a community that values and celebrates diversity in its many forms. Please feel free to contact your GDP members at gdpsymbolmodul.acpunktat or click on one of our photos to email us!

Please review the Affirmative Action Plan for more information on the role and responsibilities of the GDP and the Procedure for Students with Special Needs for more information on special needs claims at MU. To make a special needs request, please fill out the Special Needs Consideration Form (also available at the Student Service Center) and submit it to gdpsymbolmodul.acpunktat.

GDP Representatives and Terms

Representatives of the faculty: 
Lidija Lalicic (Chairperson), Sabine Sedlacek and Ivo Ponocny (2018)

Representative of the Student Service Center:
Glen Dalton (2018)

Representative of the Academic Office:
Ola Mostafa (2018)