Partners and Cooperations

Honoring esteemed companions

Honorary Ring Holders

According to the University Constitution, the University can confer an honorary university ring upon people who have either made a significant academic contribution to any of Modul University Vienna’s disciplines or who have performed merit in respect to the development of Modul University Vienna. The MU university ring is decorated with nine red tourmalines, symbolizing the different stakeholder groups.

Hofrat Prof. Mag. Dr. Erich Auerbäck

Awarded the Honorary Ring of Modul University Vienna on October 20, 2017

Dr. Erich Auerbäck dedicated his whole life to education and worked for more than 40 years for the tourism school MODUL College of which he was the director during 16 years, before his retirement in 2012.

He was the Chairman of the project team installed by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who was responsible for planning the University and launching it in fall 2007. 


Honorary Senators

According to the University Constitution, the University may confer the title of honorary senator upon people who have earned recognition through special measures to Modul University Vienna, and by aiding in the development of their scientific field. Apart from purely scholarly honors, this title is the highest award conferred by Modul University Vienna.

Encomium KR Brigitte Jank

Honorary Senator of Modul University Vienna since March 7, 2015

As “Founding President of the University Council”, she supported and encouraged the development of Modul University Vienna in its early years, while promoting a holistic, value-based form of education.

Without the crucial role played by Ms Brigitte Jank and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the founding phase of the University, this project might never have taken off.


Encomium H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber

Honorary Senator of Modul University Vienna since October 25, 2013

First Honorary Senator and “Founding Donor” of Modul University Vienna, he is the founder of MBI International Holdings and the founding patron and chairman of the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, which has granted scholarships to many students of Modul University Vienna.