University Committees

Modul University Vienna follows an integrated sustainability approach and therefore tries to balance the economic, the social and the environmental dimension of sustainable development. Environmental and social sustainability is a key principle of Modul University Vienna, acknowledging and embracing the urgent need for development strategies that meet the needs of the present and improve the welfare of future generations.

Sustainability represents an integral part of the curriculum and research agenda, and is also reflected in the daily work flow. The university operates in a manner that minimizes environmental risk and adverse effects on the environment. This includes:

  •     meeting or exceeding environmental legislation and standards
  •     using energy efficiently
  •     conserving water
  •     preventing pollution
  •     minimizing waste
  •     using recycled materials whenever possible

MU carefully selects its suppliers and contractors, ensuring that they show a similar commitment to social and environmental principles. Ongoing communication and training will build awareness of these principles among students, faculty, contractors and partners. The university is also committed to embracing social sustainability. Students are encouraged to develop the following traits: interpersonal skills, perseverance, originality, future-mindedness, high talent, aesthetic sensibility and wisdom. In addition to these individual traits, responsibility, nurture, altruism, civility, moderation, tolerance and work ethic will be fostered amongst the university staff and the students.

The Sustainability Committee (sustainabilitysymbolmodul.acpunktat) is the body responsible for fostering sustainable thought and action at Modul University Vienna. Its current members are:

  • Gibbs Davis (Chair)
  • Garaus, Marion
  • Kerschner, Christian
  • Leonard, David
  • Rus, Andrada-Diana
  • Schwarcz, Elizabeth
  • Straube, Michael

The committee also is responsible for the Modul University's biennial Sustainability Report:

Modul University Vienna has won many awards and recognitions for its sustainability efforts over the years including multiple wins at the Austrian Sustainability Awards.

Modul University Vienna also takes place in sustainability rankings every year: