Scholarship of Hope

This scholarship is awarded to students who submit the best proposal for a project which could be implemented at MU in order to advance the ongoing goal of becoming a more sustainable university.

Eligibility: Open to all current undergraduate and graduate students of all study programs at MODUL University.

Formal requirements:

     1) The idea must relate to the concept of sustainability - it is advantageous for submissions to explicitly explain the social, environmental and economic impacts of the project.

     2) It must be legally and financially feasible to implement the idea at MU and the submission must include guidelines for implementation - it is advantageous to include as much detail as possible and to contact those people relevant to implementation of the project.

     3) Once announced, winner(s) are required to present their idea to faculty, staff and invited students.

Submission content: The proposal should cover the following items: initiation/ identification of existing problem; description of project; discussion of how the project relates to sustainability; and guidelines for implementation.

Submission format: The format for submission is open and creativity is encouraged. However, written proposals should not exceed 2,000 words, DVDs should not exceed 10mins, and alternative formats should be of a comparable length.

Selection procedure: A maximum of 3 winners are selected by a subgroup of the Sustainability Committee based on a review of the project proposals. Submissions will only be considered if they comply with the formal requirements.

Winner(s) are selected based on the quality of the application, creativity/innovativeness, degree of feasibility and sustainable impact.

Award amount: min. €500 - max. €1,500.

Deadline for submission: 15th of April of every year (send submissions to: david.leonardsymbolmodul.acpunktat)

History: This scholarship was originally founded by Prof. Daniel Fesenmaier of Temple University, USA, to stimulate students to come up with original and innovative tourism development strategies. Currently, the scholarship is funded primarily by donations from faculty of revenues from research projects, as well as generous donations of lecture and speakers’ fees from external lecturers visiting MODUL University Vienna.

MU Award for Sustainable Innovations

The Sustainability Award for faculty and staff members aims to encourage MU employees to develop innovative ideas, preferably ones that can be implemented and realized at MU.

There are no specific formal requirements for the application.

Recipients are selected at the discretion of the Sustainability Committee based on the review of the employees’ project proposals.

A one year ticket for public transportation in Vienna.

Deadline for Submission
15th of November of every year (send submissions to: david.leonardsymbolmodul.acpunktat)

Open to all MODUL University employees.