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Application Portal - Help Guide

Please use our dedicated Application Portal to apply for any program at Modul University Vienna. 

Click to Apply Now 

1. Register

When you click the link to apply, a new tab will open with the application portal and display a log-in or registration page. You will need to create an account / register to begin the application process. Complete your registration and log in. Once logged in you will see "Apply Now" button on the right-hand side, click this to begin a new application or click “Review My Application(s)” to continue with an existing application.

2. Start New Application

The next step will be to choose your program level:

  • Foundation Program
  • Undergraduate (BSc or BBA)
  • Graduate (MSc or MBA Programs)
  • Doctorate (PhD program).

Once you have selected your desired program level, you will be taken to the next screen to select the specific program you would like to apply for and if necessary, the specialization for that program. Finally, you will need to select the semester in which you intend to begin your studies at Modul University.

Please note that the 'Fall' semester means September start date and the 'Spring' semester means a February start date. Please also ensure to check our recommended application deadlines.

Click “Save and Continue” once finished to proceed to the next step. 

3. Your Details

You will now need to add information under the Profile and Contact tabs. Please fill in the information marked with * as this will be required to take your application to the next stage. Once again, please click “Save and Continue” once finished to proceed to the next step. 

4. Previous Education

This section is essential to us and your higher education journey. Please take the time to fill in all previous education you have undertaken. This can be completed through adding each institution/school separately and specifying the level it provided. If you are still studying, please still add this in and write what date you are expecting to graduate. Hit “Save and Continue” to move onto the next step.

5. Languages

The more information you can put here the more it helps us learn about you! If you do not have any official documents, please still add the languages you are able to speak and understand in this section! Please hit “Save and Continue” once you have added these to go further in your application. 

6. References

Your academic, personal, and work references allow us to gauge how you interact with your peers and teachers.

TOP TIP - Please make sure to have the email address of the people you are asking to provide a reference for you.

When you add a reference here, the individual you have nominated will be issued an email, so they are able to write your recommendation directly. If you already have your recommendation letters, please add your reference and their details here so we can check with them in necessary. There will be a section further on in your application in which you can add these references directly! 

For Undergraduate applicants, we require 1 reference from teacher or high school counsellor.

For MSc applicants, we require 2 references from academic sources.

For MBA applicants, we require 1 academic reference and 1 professional/workplace reference

For PhD applicants, we require at least 2 letters of recommendation from academic sources. 

7. Residence

Understanding your residence rights helps us to ascertain your visa requirements if applicable. Please make sure this is accurate.

8. Work Experience

This is especially important for our MBA applicants as a minimum of 3 years professional experience is generally required to undertake this degree. Please reach out to our Student Recruitment Team if you have any specific questions regarding this aspect of your MBA application. 

If you do not have any relevant work experience and are applying for an Undergraduate degree or Foundation program, you can leave this section

9. Documents

You are required to upload the following documents to finalize your application.

  • Passport sized photograph 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Copies of certificates and degrees 
  • Transcripts 
  • Copy of official English proficiency test result or other proof 
  • Copy of Passport 
  • Recommendation letter(s) 

And for MBA’s we need additionally: 

  • Proof of related work experience 

If you are missing or unable to provide some of these documents, please contact our Admissions Team and we will be able to assist accordingly! This is also the place to upload any recommendation letters that you might have already.

10. Motivational Letter

At the end of your application, we ask for a Motivation Letter which is essential to learning about what you hope to get out of this program and why you would be a good fit at Modul University Vienna. This is your chance to really stand out so please write as much details as you can and make sure to sell yourself as much as possible!  

TOP TIP - write your letter out in a word document first, then once you are happy with it, copy it into your application. If you write your letter directly into the application and do not complete the application (including paying your application fee), your work will be lost.

11. Additional Information

Please use this section to add anything else you would like us to know under either medical information or requests. 

Information Source refers to how you heard about MU.

Did you hear about us or apply through an Agent? Please write the name of the agency in the 'Other Information Source' box.

This section is not mandatory so if you do not have anything to add here, hit “Save and Continue” to go to the final step of your application! 

12. Application Submission

Here you will be able to see if you have missed any steps - these will be displayed with a red tick. Use the tabs in the red column to navigate.

Finally, to submit your application for review, an application fee of €50 is required. This application fee is required for all submitted applications and is non-refundable for those who chose to decline a study offer or rescind their application, otherwise it will be deducted from your first tuition fee payment. If you would like any further information on this, please feel free to contact us on

Next Steps...

Your application will now be reviewed by our Admissions Team of Student Journey Advisors. You will then be invited for an interview. After your interview, your application will be reviewed by the relevant Dean for the program level you are applying for and should you be accepted or conditionally accepted, you will be notified by email containing your Admission Offer letter, Study Contract and Payment Option choices.

Important - to secure your study place, we require your signed study contract to be returned to us within 2 weeks of your Admission Offer letter being issued, and first payment to be received within 3 weeks of your Admission Offer letter issued. We will also not be able to release documents to support with Visa applications until proof of payment is received.

Completing Statistik Austria's UHStat 1 Survey

In accordance with the Ordinance on Statistical Surveys (BGBl. II No. 290), students are kindly asked to fill in the electronic form on the following page as part of their admission’s process to Modul University Vienna:

All applicants to higher education institutions in Austria have to fill in this survey. After completing the survey, please save the UHStat1 confirmation available online and send it to the Admissions Office to complete your admission’s process. If you do not wish to take part in this survey, we ask you to provide a short-written explanation to our Student Services, Admissions and Careers Center (ssacsymbolmodul.acpunktat).   

Students without Austrian social security number will receive a substitute number by the Admissions office and be requested to complete the survey within two weeks. Please note that participation in the survey is compulsory for all applicants to university studies in Austria according to § 27 UHSBV (BGBl. II Nr. 216/2019). The university reserves the right to terminate the student contract if students do not take part in this survey.