Transfer Credits

Course and examination credits obtained at an external higher education institution (including, only English taught subjects from Austrian vocational high schools with a business or hospitality focus, universities, colleges, or any other higher education institutions) may be eligible for credit transfer according to an equivalency evaluation that is based on a review of course contents, outline, methods, and final grade.

Practical experience acquired by the student prior to enrollment may be credited towards an internship when in accordance with the respective study regulations and the requirements outlined in the Internship Manual.

How to Apply for Credit Transfer

Step 1: Fill out the Application for Credit Transfer and attach the following supporting documents:

A) Credit Transfer for Academic Courses:

  • Credit Transfers from Austrian Vocational Schools: Academic Transcript of Record (Zeugnis) listing all courses credit transfer is requested for;
  • Credit Transfers from national and international higher education institutions: Academic Transcript of Record listing all courses for which a credit transfer is requested AND respective course syllabi (i.e., course description referring to the course title, weekly hours, course type, ECTS and expected learning outcomes for the respective course).

B) Credit Transfer for Practical Experience:

  • A work certificate or reference letter from your employer confirming where you worked, your duties and the time period of work;
  • An internship report;
  • A project report (only for requests seeking credit of full 900 hour internship);

For further information on the requirements of the internship and project reports, please read the Internship Manual carefully.

Step 2: Send your signed form and all supporting documents to the Academic Office (acosymbolmodul.acpunktat) prior to the commencement of your studies at MU.

Important: It is recommended to submit your application for credit transfer as soon as you have been admitted to your study program at MU and as soon as you can attach all supporting documents. Incomplete requests, and requests submitted after the deadline, will not be considered.

Step 3: The Dean of your study program will assess your request for credit transfer. Within a few days, you will receive notification from the Academic Office on whether your application for credit transfer has been approved.

Applicants that have attended another (higher) education institution, such as an Austrian vocational high school with business or hospitality focus, national or foreign universities, colleges or summer schools. This form and outlined procedures do not apply to students from Global Campuses of MU.

The following criteria have to be met in order to be eligible for internship credit transfer:

  • Practical experience already completed as part of the curriculum requirement of a vocational secondary education (e.g. Höhere Lehranstalt für Tourismus, Kolleg, HBLA, etc.). Exceptions can be made for candidates with extensive work experience (i.e. 2 or more years of full time employment in the tourism or hospitality industry);
  • A minimum of 900 hours work experience completed consecutively within one company, or 2 periods of work experience of min. 450 hours completed within two companies;
  • Full time employment during the internships;
  • Work experience must be completed within the tourism or hospitality industry;

This forms serves to apply for credit transfer of: A) courses/ examinations; and/or B) practical experience. Please note: Requests for credit transfer are subject to approval by the Dean of the study program or an authorized liaison officer.

A) Incoming students: Applications for credit transfer of course/examination and/or practical experience acquired prior to commencement of studies at MU must be submitted prior to the beginning of the first semester at MU.

B) Currently enrolled students: In the case of credits received during the course of studies at MU, an application for credit transfer must be submitted at the earliest opportunity and prior to the commencement of the subsequent semester.

Please note: Requests submitted after the indicated deadline will not be considered.

Approved credit transfer currently results in a deduction of 150 EUR per ECTS and is deducted from the second tuition fee installment. Please note: This is only applicable to course credit transfers submitted prior to the commencement of studies at MU. No deduction applies for internship credit transfer.

Yes. A maximum of 60 ECTS credits may be transferred to a 180 ECTS study program, and a maximum of 80 ECTS may be transferred towards a 240 ECTS study program at MU (only undergraduate level). Please view the study regulations of your program for further information.

Course credits earned at an external institution will be transferred without the inclusion of a grade. All courses credited toward the study program will be labeled with the abbreviation “CT*” on the academic transcript of records and counted toward the total ECTS of the study program.