Ask a Student Ambassador

Curious about student clubs at MU? Want to know where to hang out in your free time? Concerned about managing the workload? Don't know which district you want to call home? We've got answers! We know how hard it can be to start somewhere new so feel free to send your questions our way!

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Abdallah Hammad
Nationality: Jordanian
Program: BSc in International Management
Intake year: Spring 2016

What do you like about MU Vienna?
I find it wonderful how diverse it is at the university it’s very international – you are sitting in class with people from all over around the world, which is a truly amazing experience. The level of acceptance and understanding you receive is one of the perks of such an international environment.

Maneta Tjeknavorian
Nationality: Austrian
Program:  BBA in Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations
Intake year: Fall 2013

What do you like about MODUL University Vienna?
MODUL University not only provides me with an excellent education in a culturally diverse environment, but also offers an exceptional student experience. When beginning at MODUL University, one enters into a big community that has its doors always open. MU expands my horizons, enables me to achieve all my future goals and is the key to my success.

Katrin Malcheva
Nationality: Bulgarian
Intake year: Fall 2014
Program: BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management

What do you like about MU Vienna?
Studying at MODUL University Vienna gave me the opportunity to be part of a community that shares common values, interests, responsibilities and views. In addition, the size of the classes is small and students are able to interact and discuss freely with the teachers. Undoubtedly, I’ve found lifetime friends and experienced an amazing student life!

Dan Owen
Nationality: British
Program: BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Intake year: Fall 2015

What do you like about MODUL University Vienna?
The MODUL community is like a family that I feel privileged to represent and be a part of. At the university, you are not just a number, you are treated as an individual with professors who care for your well-being and guide you to success. Thanks to the multicultural environment at MODUL, the learning never ends, even after leaving the classroom.

Usman Abubakar
Nationality: Nigerian
Program: BSc. in International Management
Intake year: Fall 2015

What do I like about MU Vienna?
I find MODUL University’s stance on sustainability quite special.  Sustainability is largely included in the curriculum and there is the existence of a Sustainability Committee which involves both students and staff.

Sarah Fuchs
Nationality: German
Program: BSc international Management
Intake Year: 2015

What do I like about MU Vienna?

At Modul University I value our international community and that I receive an excellent education.