Early Payment Reduction

Apply now and save on your tuition fees!

We encourage you to take advantage of our Early Payment Reduction to save on tuition fees. Depending on which study program you choose, you could save up to the equivalent of one year’s rent in a student dorm!

If you make your first payment:

 Bachelor ProgramsMaster ProgramsMBA programs
Within 30 days from date of admission€3,000€1,000€1,500


Start in Fall:       June 30th
Start in Spring:  January 31st

Early Payment Reduction can only be granted if the university receives the first installment latest by the above mentioned deadlines.

To be eligible to receive the Early Payment Reduction, please make sure to apply before mid-June for the fall semester and before mid-November for the spring semester to allow enough time for the admissions process.

Please note that the Early Payment Reduction applies only once and is deducted from the second semester payment.

Important: Master and MBA applicants who already receive a reduction to the tuition fees or get a partial scholarship awarded cannot take advantage of the Early Payment Reduction!

To apply for a study program, please use MU's online application tool.