Further External Funding

In order to finance your study program at Modul University you may be interested in investigating the student loan possibilities offered by several private lenders. Below you will find documents and links to help you find a suitable offer. The information provided here is only available in German since these private loans are only offered to Austrian citizens (and in some cases EU citizens). Citizens of other countries are advised to investigate the student loans offered in their home countries.

Fund of Excellence – Student Funding Program from Erste Bank Österreich Funding Program: https://fundofexcellence.com/students/

Stipendium.at – the following website of the Austrian government provides general information about financial aid for students: www.stipendium.at

OEAD – the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research administers a database of scholarships and research grants: www.grants.at

Ask for financial funding during your application process already.