Tuition Fees

The total tuition fees for all study programs are listed in the table below.

Payment plan
Payments must be made every semester, before the beginning of each semester. 

Scholarships and reductions
Please click here to find out if you are eligible to apply for scholarships or reductions.

Every admitted student will receive an individual payment plan together with the admission documents where potential scholarships and reductions will be applied.

Tuition fee refers to cost of classroom study only (does not include housing and some reading materials).

Tuition fees for both spring and fall intake 2017 (in €)

Study programTotal tuition fees (in €)Fee per semester (in €)
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 years37,0006,166
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 years52,0006,500
Bachelor of Science 3 years37,0006,166
Master of Science 2 years24,0006,000
Master of Business Administration 2 years25,0006,250
Doctor of Philosophy 4 years45,0005,625

NON-EU students requiring a visa to study in Austria
Only after the first payment has been completed, the university can issue the documents which are required to obtain a student visa.