First Steps


All persons moving to Austria or moving within Austria have to register at the Municipal District Office with 3 working days of arrival. This is Austrian law. Students must register in person at their nearest Municipal District Office.

Opening an Account at Austrian Banks

Some Austrian Representation Authorities require evidence of an Austrian bank connection. We recommend the following procedure:
Create a so-called “Hold draft”. This is a remittance of money from a bank in your home country to an Austrian bank. You are free to choose any Austrian bank. We would, however, recommend:

Erste Bank (Swift Code 20111)

Bank Austria (Swift Code 12000; BIC BKAUATWW)

as there are numerous branch offices throughout Vienna.
Once you are in Vienna, take the confirmation of your enrollment at MODUL University Vienna, go to the nearest branch office of the Austrian bank you chose and deposit the money you have remitted from your home country to a student account. These accounts are normally free of charge for students.
You will be assisted in all these matters by the Student Service Center of MODUL University Vienna!

Health Insurance

It is important to be insured for your entire stay here in Vienna. This may mean that you have to get travel insurance to cover you for the days before you can get your Austrian insurance. The rate for student insurance in Austria is €50 a month. 

For more information please see the MU Student Guidebook or contact the SSC.