Accommodation at Modul University Vienna

MU Students live in both private and uni-arranged accommodation.  Like most other Austrian universities, MU does not have its own student residence. Instead, Modul has a contract with two local private student accommodation providers - WIHAST and BASE 19.

Exchange students always stay in WIHAST dorms.

For more information on the dorms, please download the MU Accommodation sheet.

How to Book a Room:  

  • Once you are accepted and confirm your spot by transferring over your first tuition installment, Modul University Vienna’s Student Service Center will gladly help you further with accommodation booking. 
  • When an accommodation reservation is made by sending your information to the SSC, your details will be sent directly to the housing provider, whose office will send you a contract and payment details. 
  • Please note: contracts with both housing providers begin at the start of the calendar month and pro-rated contracts are not typically issued. The contract you sign is between you and the housing provider, not between you and MU.  Therefore, after the reservation process, MU has a reduced role with regard to your accommodation.
  • Base19 only has limited rooms available in spring.


Dorm Information

WIHAST is a student housing provider in Vienna with dormitories throughout the city. MU students are placed exclusively at the complex in the 20th district (closest to MU).

Rooms: ~12m2 single rooms within a double unit resulting in a shared entry room, bathroom, and small ‘cold kitchen’.

Furnishings: bed (no bedding), desk, chair, and closet. 

Building Complex: Each floor has a kitchen. Laundry faculties, fitness room and social room are available in the building.

Commute to Modul University: ~35 min. via public transportation

Price: Ca. €300/month (+ 2 months’ deposit), including all utilities (and cable TV), except internet, which is 5€/month extra. 

Contract: A one year contract is signed, but one may cancel at any time so long two months’ written notice apply.

Availability: Availability is guaranteed so long reservation requests are sent at least two months prior to the semester begin.


Address: Brigittenauer Lände 224-228, 1200 Vienna, Austria

Please do not contact or send your housing requests directly to Wihast!

Base 19 is a housing provider in Vienna in the 19th district. 

Rooms: ~10m2 newly renovated single rooms with own bath /WC

Furnishings:  bed (no bedding), desk, chair, and closet. 

Building Complex: Each floor has a kitchen. Laundry faculties, fitness room and social room are available in the building.

Commute to Modul University: ~30 min. via public transportation

Price: €304/month for single room (+ 3 months’ deposit). These prices include all utilities and internet, but exclude cable TV.

Contract: MU students sign year-long contracts. Cancellations are subject to contract terms. Moving out is only possible at the end of the semester.

Availability: Availability is limited.

Web: http://www.base19.at

Address: Gymnasiumstraße 85, 1190 Vienna, Austria


Located in the 20th district of Vienna. Due to the ideal position between Danube River and Danube Canal, water and nature are never far away. The location also provides perfect connections to local public transport networks and the neighboring districts.

Apartments: ~15-39m2 single or double studios. The fully equipped apartment come with a bed (120cm*200cm), top-quality harmonized furnishings, practical pantry kitchen and modern shower room with own toilet.

THE FIZZ House: Each floor has a community kitchen and laundry room. In the building there is also an in-house fitness studio, study rooms, reception, music room, roof top with BBQ and community rooms.

Commute to Modul University: ~45 min. via public transportation

Price: from €465/month, including all utilities (internet, electricity, heating, water, fitness studio membership)

Contract: 6 or 12 months fix period contracts, without termination notice policy

Availability: on request

Web: https://www.the-fizz.com/wien

Address: Dresdnerstraße 107, 1200 Vienna, Austria

Not all MU students live in uni-arranged accommodation.  Many choose to live in privately-arranged flats, etc. 

MU can recommend the following links to help students wishing to book accommodation privately:

Modul University Vienna is a partner of HousingAnywhere.com, the international student-to-student housing platform. Students who are coming from abroad to Vienna can find & book a student room on www.HousingAnywhere.com. The rooms on this platform are offered by our students that go abroad for a study abroad semester, exchange, Erasmus or internship. Using the platform itself is completely free for you as a student; when you make a concrete booking an administrative fee will be charged as a part of Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system.

DORMY is a professional booking platform, which allows you to search for your perfect room in all available dormitories in Vienna in just one step. Your booking will be confirmed within a maximum of two working days and DORMY takes care of the entire booking procedure.