Alumni Success: MSc Graduate Nina Schneider launches 9212 Data

Nina Schneider, who holds an MSc with Distinction in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy from MODUL University Vienna and was the recipient of the Graduate Assistantship scholarship, today launches her own Data for Sustainable Development company, 9212 Data.

9212 Data hopes to mitigate harmful social and environmental impacts by developing organizational capacity to monitor policies and practices through reliable, transparent, and accountable data management systems.

At MU, Nina developed a predictive model to qualify decoupling ecological resource-use from economic growth rates under various scenarios and was subsequently recruited to the United Nations Economic & Social Commission of Asia-Pacific (UN-ESCAP) as a data & policy analyst to integrate the SDGs into national development plans and engage private sector commitment to green economy efforts.

Nina now hopes 9212 Data, using cutting-edge literature, tools, and methodologies can help companies and other institutions to facilitate industry compliance and successful implementation of governance, policy, and programs.

"We are excited to share a wealth of multi-dimensional integrative services with our clients," says Nina "sustainability reporting, impact assessment, integrated environmental analysis, sustainable development expertise, organizational sustainability, and a dedicated client corner to offer subscribed access to proprietary data tools developed and tailored in-house."

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