Think ahead and apply for Spring 2021 - FAQs

Modul University Vienna is already accepting applications for Spring 2021 study start!

Before you enroll you might have questions regarding all measures referring to COVID-19.

We would like to sum up frequently asked questions right here:

1. Payment plans

We understand that payments can be challenging since times have changed on a global scale. If newly accepted students are facing any difficulties in bank transfers or if payment deadlines can not be met, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office. An individual solution can be found in any case.

2. Student Visa for new students

As a non-EU citizen you need to have a mandatory student visa in order to start your studies on campus in spring 2021 (February 2021). If the process to receive the visa takes longer than expected, it is possible to start your courses in spring online and join us on campus whenever the student visa is in your hands. We recommend to apply for student visa immediately after your acceptance at Modul University.

3. Starting your studies in Spring 2021

Modul University Vienna is trained in holding online lectures and building an online community. You can apply and enroll for all our programs for the upcoming spring semester no matter what country you are from. Application procedure is 100% online and your studies in spring can be as well, although our campus will be accessible. If, due to COVID-19 measures, you are not allowed to leave your country, it is still possible to start your courses with us. 

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