Asst. Prof. Lyndon Nixon receives Certificate of Excellence

Modul University Vienna is continually seeking to innovate the form and substance of the courses offered to its students. One such course which has offered students a very different class experience from the usual has been Social Media Marketing and Planning.

In just its second year of offering, course lecturer Asst Prof Dr Lyndon Nixon was honored to receive a certificate of excellence for "Outstanding Teaching Performance". In the course, conceptualized and created by Dr Nixon, students invent fictional brands and market their products or services on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Whilst gaining practical experience in creating and publishing content on the social networks, students learn about content marketing, word of mouth, user generated content, influencers, virality, crowdsourcing and participatory marketing. Collecting followers for and engagement with their created brands through the semester, the class ends with students presenting the success of and lessons learnt from their social media marketing.

"I am happy to know that students have enjoyed the experience of social media marketing from this course and appreciated the opportunity to practically learn about the different ways businesses can leverage social networks to raise awareness, engage with the online audience and convert fans to customers", said Dr Nixon on receiving the certificate. Social Media Marketing and Planning is one of several courses available to undergraduate students at Modul University Vienna as part of a Bachelor of Science in International Management (Specialization in Interactive Marketing)

The Certificate of Excellence is awarded by Modul University Vienna for outstanding teaching performance to lecturers in the undergraduate study programs. The award is given once a semester and is based on evaluations provided by the students.