Celebrating International Day on Kahlenberg

Modul University Vienna is considered to be Austria’s leading international private university. This is supported by our international students and staff, our most treasured asset. To celebrate our diverse and strong community, we are bringing back the International Day, a traditional campus event at MU. 

On May 10th, we will host numerous booths representing the different nationalities and countries of our students and staff in the Lobby, the cafeteria and the terrace. MU encourages its members to sign up as hosts and share insights about their home country.  

Past editions of the International Day enabled our members to deepen their understanding of multiculturalism by experiencing traditional clothes, handcraft, music instruments, pictures, videos, and traditional food. MU Vienna aims to educate its members about the differences and similarities of our cultural backgrounds by exchanging experiences with each other in an authentic way. This is aligned with one of MU’s core values, Mutual Respect, our continuous quest to celebrate and endorse diversity and humanity. 

We hope many community members will join us to share the vision and experience of the International Day on May 10th. 


MU Vienna is home to a diverse, international student body with over 77%* international students from all over the world. The interaction on an English-speaking campus is ideal to build a strong and life-long network. 

*as of fall 2021, non-Austrian students represent 77.3% of the total student population