Claire Meryn's Internship Success Story: Tel Aviv

"About one year ago I heard about a new trend in the tourism and hospitality industry; short term rentals of apartments while giving guests the customized services of a hotel. Since then I have completed an internship at one of the leading companies in this field, “Sweet Inn” located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Little did I know that applying for the internship would start a new chapter in my life, and require me to leave home for the very first time. I didn’t know what to expect but was eager to encounter new experiences and to grow from new lessons and responsibilities.

This journey made it possible for me to gain an unexpected amount of experience and knowledge. My role was far from that of a typical trainee! The company gave me a surprising amount of responsibility that made me grow in so many ways.

Of course, I often ran into challenges in various aspects of the role, but finding a solution to these problems by myself was the best way of learning. Being responsible for numerous guests was not something I expected beforehand, but now I am grateful that they gave me the opportunity to develop under guidance while also giving me my independence when solving problems.

Managing guest bookings, managing problem solving, staying patient and polite no matter what the situation, finding solutions and not giving up are just a few of the new skills I acquired during my time as an intern.

Overall, I would always recommend working at Sweet Inn. It was an experience I would recommend to everyone who wants to develop themselves abroad, they are located all over the world!

Claire Meryn, MU Vienna and Sweet Inn Tel Aviv"

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