Courses at Modul Online for a lifelong learning

Modul Online: An innovative learning model on an international level

Modul University Vienna has reached a new milestone in innovative learning through an offering of online courses in the English language. Learners across the globe will have the opportunity to take part in a vast range of academic and English language courses and will consequently build up and further develop their entrepreneurial and academic careers. Through selecting a chosen learning pathway, learners can develop competences which enable them to succeed in their career and develop towards a higher level of academic achievement on an international level.

Exclusive Learning Content not only for enrolled students

“Modul University’s specially curated learning pathways offer learners access to an exclusive selection of courses taught by leading universities, international organizations and companies”, explains Prof. Dr. Horst Treiblmaier, Director of Continuing Education and Head of the Department of International Management at Modul University Vienna, about the new online education model. The learning pathways are available via the platform ‘coursera for campus’. Treiblmaier goes on to explain that, “Furthermore we are providing access to state-of-the-art English language courses, which will support learners in the perfection of their industry-level and academic English, via both desktop and mobile applications.”

Significant Benefits

You can test the offer and start an exclusive course 

Modul Online Learning

From here, interested learners can register and will be given access to their chosen pathway content. Registration via the Modul Online learning platform will provide the following:

  • More than 120 hours of course content within the chosen specialization
  • The opportunity to study international management and professional development topics to prepare for a future career
  • The opportunity to be part of an interactive learning process and global learning community
  • A balance between study and private life with self-paced study in bite-sized sessions
  • The opportunity to earn a certificate that will help to achieve professional success and/or to progress into higher education

In order to provide learners with enough time to get the most out of their courses, the learning pathways are available for a period of six to nine months. Experts at Modul University Vienna are available to advise and support interested learners in selecting the right course for them.

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