COVID-19 Update: Safety guidelines in fall

September 1st:

Modul University Vienna is welcoming students on campus and following the latest developments in the context to the situation concerning COVID-19, the Austrian government has implemented a "traffic light system” in order to categorize the current COVID-19 situation for universities. The University Board has decided to implement the following safety guidelines for Modul University Vienna starting on September 1st 2020. 

Safety guidelines: 

  • wearing face mask at MU campus unless you have an assigned seat
  • using hand sanitizer or wash hands regularly
  • following distance regulations of 1m distance to ohter people
  • recommendation of wearing rubber gloves

You may only take off your mask when you are seated in a classroom or seated in the cafeteria to eat.

We are looking forward to ensuring a safe study environment and thank you in advance for your cooperation.


In case you want to talk to someone:

The Student Services and Career Center, The Open Office 

Pastoral care (0 to 24 h): 01/ 142

Social psychiatry emergency service (0 to 24 h): 01/ 313 30

Crisis Intervention Center Vienna: 01/ 406 95 95 Call the Infoline Health counselling, if you are feeling sick: 1450 (7 days per week, 0 to 24 h)

Call the Infoline Coronavirus general information: 0800 555 621 (7 days per week, 0 to 24 h)

World Health Organization

Federal Ministry of social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection

Federal Ministry of Europe and International Affairs

If you feel sick and/or want advice, call: Infoline Coronavirus: 0800 555 621 (24/7)

Infoline Health counseling: 1450 (24/7)

Also: Official updates on WHO page. For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: