Horst Treiblmaier wins the Emerald Literati Award

Horst Treiblmaier, Head of the Department of International Management at MODUL University Vienna, was recently awarded the prestigious Emerald Literati Award for co-authoring the paper “Statistical and Judgmental Criteria for Scale Purification”.

The paper, co-authored with the international team of Andreas Wieland (Copenhagen Business School), Christian Durach (ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus) and Joakim Kembro (Lund University) was published in the leading journal “Supply Chain Management: An International Journal”.

In this publication, the authors provide valuable suggestions on what needs to be considered when measurement scales are modified. This is not only relevant for the field of Supply Chain Management, but for empirical research in general.

For over 25 years the Emerald Literati Awards have celebrated and rewarded the outstanding contributions of authors to scholarly research. The criteria used to judge the awards are based on six areas: internationality; diversity; support for scholarly research; encouragement of applied research; commitment to high quality scholarship; and a desire to create the best experience for readers, authors and customers.

The winners were chosen by the journal editorial team who evaluated all papers published in the year 2017. Last week, Ms. Alison Hope from Emerald Publishing visited MODUL University Vienna to personally award Prof. Treiblmaier with this distinction. 

Prof. Treiblmaier is not only interested in methodological problems of social science research, but he also investigates the impact of the Blockchain on businesses and the economy.

He has a forthcoming book on the implications of the Blockchain (Business Transformation through Blockchain, Volumes I + II,) and is involved in various Blockchain research projects with the industry.

Photo L-R: MODUL University President Karl Wöber, Emerald Publishing Representative Alison Hope, Prof. Horst Treiblmaier