Tips for your application

How to write better applications and get accepted

Either to be accepted at a university or to be considered for your desired job position you most likely need to submit a successful application. Your application is the first impression you make with an HR department or with the Admission Office of a school or university. With this article the MU team would like to support interested students in compiling a convincing and outstanding application in order to get considered an enrollment or even a scholarship.

Every application, no matter what program you apply for, requires these core documents:

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a letter of motivation written in English

Members of Admission Offices see and read lots of personal data sheets every day and prefer well documented CVs over loaded and highly detailed text blocks. Here is what MUs Admission Office appreciates most when receiving CVs from applicants:

1. Formats & Settings

Create your CV in DIN A4 format and save & send it as a PDF not bigger than 1 MB. It would be a shame if the person receiving your application can not open the file or all the formatting gets lost when saving it in a different version of MS word for example. Also make sure to name your documents accordingly, f.e.: "Lastname_CV_MU"

Note: One A4 page of personal data is absolutely fine.

2. Hard facts first 

It is recommended to make your first and last name as well as your contact data as visible as possible. Especially at international institutions it is recommended to separate your first and last name so Admissions will know how to speak to you accurately.

Note: MU disregards any information about religion or gender.

3. Structure your information

Use short headlines for every section of your CV and sort it chronologically. The CV should contain information about your educational pathways, skills, club activities and if existent, working experience. The most recent event should be positioned on top of the section while events that happened long time ago should be placed at the bottom. Make sure to put at least month and year for every event on your CV. For example: "09/2016 - 06/2020: Business School of Barcelona"

Note: Hobbies and personal activities can make you stand out in the mass of documents.

The letter of motivation or cover letter is an important part and can be a decisive factor in the application process. It is probably the most personalized document of your application and should come from the applicants heart as it reflects on your commitment and intentions. It is a personal statement that should convince coordinators that you are the right ones to be chosen for the program and that you will be appreciated member of the community. Modul University expects personal elements and future plans as being mentioned in your letter of motivation. You might refer to past achievements as proof of your commitment towards your future goals.

It is recommended to do some research on the universities' values and expectations before you start writing your letter as well as mentioning projects or activities you would like to contribute to.

Start your letter with introducing yourself and giving insights on your interests and goals. Later point out why you would be a valuable member of the community and finish with suggesting or looking forward to a personal conversation. One page DIN A4 should be enough space to express your honest intentions.

Note: Do not submit this document immediatly after finishing the last sentence, ask somebody to proof read it.

Additional to these two core documents you will need to gather all of the following in English:

  • Academic qualification like certificates and transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency level B2
  • Copy of passport
  • Professional portrait photograph, passport-size
  • One letter of recommendation from academic sources (kindly ask your teacher early enough)

Read more about Admissions Requirements

If you have gathered and successfully submitted all of these documents within our online application tool you will be contacted personally by the MU Admissions Office. If you meet all requirements you will be invited to an interview most likely via video call. This is when you will make the first impression therefore, it can be useful to prepare a few answers to the following questions which you might be asked during your interview in English only:

  • Why did you choose this study program?
  • Why did you apply for Modul University Vienna?
  • What would you like to do after your graduation?
  • How would you contribute to the MU Community?

After a successful interview you will be contacted by MU within two weeks and asked to sign your study contract digitally as well as to make your first payment in order to fully enroll as a Modulian.

The MU team is always keen on meeting young and interested students and welcomes authentic personalities. Your time at university is special and this surrounding will support you in growing and developing as a person. We hope that these recommendations are helpful and prepare you for your application process. If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us: