Kristof Tomej receives Outstanding Paper Award: Runner-up at BEST EN Think Tank

Researcher, Lecturer and recent PhD graduate at Modul University Vienna, Kristof Tomej has received the "Outstanding Paper Award - Runner-up" at this year's BEST EN Think Tank in San Francisco for his paper 'Sustainability cues for the post-booking phase of a tourist experience'. The paper was supervised by Prof. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher.

The paper, which won Dr. Tomej the award for the second consecutive year, addressed the theme of this year's BEST EN Think Tank of "Creating Sustainable Tourist Experiences". It explored the different ways tourism service providers might better use the time between their customers booking and starting their holiday, by not only decreasing the anxieties of the customer but also providing them with sustainability cues in order to induce more sustainable consumption choices in the future. The findings were based on qualitative interviews with former tourism service customers as well as recent insights from behavioral science research.

"It is an honor to receive this distinction for my BEST EN Think Tank contribution for the second consecutive year" says Dr. Tomej "It has also been a pleasure to discuss my work with colleagues all over the world, which provides great motivation for building a larger study in the same direction. BEST EN Think Tanks provide a wonderful opportunity not just to present your own work but to learn and improve, get inspired by new ideas, and most importantly, to gain from the enthusiasm shared by all Think Tank participants during the interactive and open workshops taking place during this event"

Since completing his PhD at Modul University Vienna, Dr. Tomej was also invited to join a distinguished panel at the Austria-Portugal Economic Forum in Lisbon. The event, which coincided with Austrian President Van der Bellen's state visit to Portugal, addressed the challenges and opportunities of sustainable tourism and infrastructure. Via Dr. Tomej's participation Modul University Vienna was the only Austrian university represented at the forum.

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