Meet a Modulian - Bachelor student Henry Hung

''I was thrilled when I received my acceptance to Modul University’s bachelor program in Hotel Management and Operations. I have such a passion for travel and could not have been more excited to have the opportunity to study at a school renowned for their tourism programs. I moved from my home town in Vietnam to Vienna back in September. I was 18 years old then, and moving away from home was a big step, but I have zero regrets.

I created my Instagram account back in 2013, before I truly began exploring photography. I took a break from the app for a few years but began posting again in 2017. It was after I joined the photography club at my high school that I really got into Flat Lay photography, which, essentially, is a very simple way to showcase different items or tell a story. I would lay items flat and take a picture from straight up above – no angle. I think that’s when my Instagram began garnering more followers. I never expected over 2,000 individuals to be interested in what I post, but I’m happy that I can share my passion with so many.

Living in Vienna really inspired me. Everything from the architecture to the food, I thought it was all amazing. I feel that my passion for photography and travel really comes through my Instagram. It wasn’t too long after I moved that I started to change my photography style. I began taking more pictures of the cityscape and various buildings, such as Rathaus, Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral), and the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Now that it is summer, I began incorporating more natural elements. Did you know that more than half of the city’s metropolitan area is made up of green spaces?  

Modul’s campus has become a popular location for me to take pictures. It’s got so many elements and angles that I can use: the buildings, the nature, the view! The school has actually used a couple of my pictures for their Instagram – which is really cool too. I consider myself very lucky to attend a university that continuously inspires me inside and outside the classroom''.

To see Vienna through Henry’s eyes, go check out his Instagram: @qhunglk