Meet MU Dubai - Dr. Theodor Strohal, expert in Business Law

MODUL University Dubai is gearing up to welcome the second cohort of students since opening in fall 2016, and they have no lack of experienced professionals to teach in their programs.

Dr. Theodor Strohal graduated cum laude from the school of Law at the University of Vienna in 1974, and practiced as a lawyer from 1979. His international career led him to Indonesia in the 80s, to Singapore in 1994 then to Paraguay in the early 2000s. He is the founder and senior partner of the Strohal Legal Group, a “boutique” law firm offering highly personalized services to clients on an international level. Since 2005, he has been headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and travels monthly to Southeast Asia, where he has branches of his firm in Yangoon, Myanmar and Singapore. 

His firm focuses on taxation, immigration, labour, trademark, and copyright laws, and he counts real estate, joint ventures and international taxation, and corporate law as his main interests.

In addition to his legal practice he has varied teaching experience, first as a lecturer in financial and corporate law at postgraduate courses at the European Journalist Academy at the University of Vienna. After moving to the United Arab Emirates, he became a guest lecturer at University of Dubai where he taught an entrepreneurial course for young women to enter business with a focus on the area of corporate law. 

At MODUL University Dubai he jointly teaches Introduction to Business Law at the Bachelor level, and Business Planning and Intellectual Property Rights in the Master of Business Administration program. 

On MU Dubai and the business climate in the UAE, he states that ''hotel management is quite a good business and many students want to enter it. I have 32 undergraduate students in my second semester class, which is very good for a new university among the competition in Dubai.''

''Emirates is great for business – not only currently tax free, and it's an excellent hub to do business. In the 12 years I've been here I haven't found any place in the world where I worked that is so business-friendly and welcoming for international business.''

MODUL University Vienna students have the option to study at MU Dubai and learn from outstanding lecturers such as Dr. Strohal at no extra tuition cost!