Meet the MU ÖH Student Union!

The ÖH MODUL, a branch of the Austrian Students’ Union at MODUL University Vienna, enhances the student experience at MU by representing student interests in official university capacities, organizing student events, and providing additional student support services. Interested in joining the ÖH and making a difference at MU? We interviewed our current representatives to find out what your ÖH can do for you and what you can expect in your role as an ÖH representative!

What inspired you to run for office as a member of the ÖH?
Valerie Pretscher, Legal Officer: I feel that student representatives at MU really have a voice in the decisions that are made. The ability to stand up for all students was something that really motivated me!

What do you think it takes to be an ÖH officer?
Valerie Urdich, Social and Charity Officer: Being open, positive and friendly. Having the mindset that there is always a solution and being proactive in problem solving.

What achievement(s) are you most proud of during your time in office?
Dominic Runge, President: We had a rough start with building up the organization for the first time and establishing ÖH MODUL as a strong voice on campus as well as at the federal level. That being said, we were able to influence decisions directly related to programs, policies, and human resources right here at MU that were of great importance.

What challenges have you faced during your time in office?
Fabian Kostrhon, Vice-President & Financial Officer: Not everyone agrees with your opinion and therefore you always have to try to reach an agreement.

How can students benefit from the ÖH?
Urdich: I think students could make a lot more use of the ÖH than they do. The ÖH representatives have relationships with many stakeholders at the university including professors, lecturers, etc. and would love to speak up for you. I think often students don’t think of asking the ÖH for help with their issues.

How can I get involved with ÖH MODUL?
Runge: As a member of the ÖH, you will be able to directly influence what you study, how you study, and what your university experience will be like for you and your peers. As elections are coming up in May, my colleagues and I encourage you to ask us any questions you may have about how ÖH MODUL works, what we do, and how you can run for office. We are the voice of every student at MU and we hope you will join us!

MU Students: Pay by March 31, 2017 in order to be eligible to vote in the upcoming ÖH election in May!

Photo: Dominic Runge, ÖH President