MU experts host ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop on sustainable food in tourism destinations

As part of putting into practice the groundbreaking research at MODUL University Vienna on the topic of sustainable food on holidays, Researcher and Lecturer Hannes Antonschmidt recently held a ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop on the topic together with international hotel trainers and managers.

The one-day workshop educated the managers on how sustainable food practices can be better implemented in tourist destinations, with the aim that they will take their newly-gained knowledge to share the concept with the staff in their destinations.

The participants from Turkey, Tunisia and Spain discussed the possibilities and challenges when teaching hotel staff. Antonschmidt said “It was a lively discussion, not least since the participants face different country-specific challenges. As a result of the workshop, the trainers are now confident they can communicate the concept. This is a further step towards a more sustainable hotel industry.”

Together with funding partner Futouris e.V., a Germany-based sustainability initiative, the MU project team under the lead of Prof. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher has so far conducted three studies on the topic. The current workshop is part of a widespread initiative to secure the implementation of the concept across the hotel industry.