MU Students in Hybrid Mode

One semester of hybrid learning at MU

Looking back on the past year, we asked three MU students how they dealt with studying in 2020 when schools and universities had to shut down and switch to partly online or fully online solutions. 

In September 2020, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, MU introduced two study modes - hybrid mode and online mode.

Read three impressions on how this worked out for some of our students and why they chose the hybrid study mode.

Christian from Denmark

BBA - Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations; 3rd semester

"Unfortunately, another academic semester was badly affected by COVID-19 this year and the lockdown forced us students back into our homes and in front of our screens. From September 2020 and, thus, from the start of the new semester, the University offered a hybrid system that enabled students to attend their classes virtually. When I heard that not all classes would take place on campus for the autumn of 2020, I was quite disappointed. This is because I personally learn better when I'm on campus. Now, after completing a semester of hybrid learning, I still believe this to be the case, even though the hybrid studies have a lot of advantages and are preferred by many students. I have heard from a number of fellow students who have decided to study online that this system gives them better opportunities to work or travel while studying. I believe that the hybrid system could potentially be beneficial for the University and its students even after the end of the pandemic and would therefore like to encourage the University to continue offering the hybrid system in the future."

Henry from Vietnam

BBA - Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations; 6th semester

"From my point of view, face-to-face studies are always the best option because active communication and interaction between professors and students face-to-face is simply easier and I personally benefit more from it. I also know that I perform better when studying face-to-face. Nevertheless, hybrid learning is a smart option for students, where you can keep your distance and still work together. I think the greatest benefit of this type of study is the flexibility and peace and quiet while studying. Every now and then there are certain downsides to it, such as the fact that the internet in the dormitory where I live is sometimes not completely stable, which can lead to communication problems. When my roommate is around, I can't speak too loud because I don't want to disturb him.

Nonetheless, I really appreciate the system that the University provides, because it helps with homework, exercises, presentations, communication, and makes it easier for me to plan my time with other team members when group work has to be done. In general, I can say that I am satisfied with the hybrid study mode."

Lara Tamina from Austria

BBA - Tourism and Event Management; 2nd semester

"Due to the current situation, I switch back and forth between face-to-face and online teaching. I was very satisfied with the University´s offer, both in terms of content and technology. Small technical difficulties in the beginning were solved quickly. I also found the equipment in the classrooms to be very good. Students´ microphones in the classrooms could be improved, though, as the online students sometimes found it difficult to hear their colleagues. Nevertheless, the switch to online learning was overall good. Lecturers were extremely helpful throughout the semester and there were several ways to contact them - either via email, MS teams, or telephone. The exchange with other students for group work worked well. This also kept me in contact with my colleagues. Basically, I am very impressed with the hybrid study mode offered by Modul University."

As infection numbers rise and fall and regulations change, Modul University adjusts to changing conditions and is constantly working on perfecting its study mode offer.

The University Board is in regular contact with student representatives and works to meet our stedents´ needs in order to provide the level of education our students expect from Modul University.

If you have any questions regarding the study modes or starting your degree at Modul University Vienna, don't hesitate to contact the Student Services and Career Center (SSCC) or our recruitment team: