MU teams up with Start-Up Scene to launch new MBA Major in Entrepreneurship

Can you learn entrepreneurship? Of course!

Due to the high number of requests from prospective and current students, as well as the increasing amount of successful startups (both within Austria and internationally), MODUL University Vienna are pleased to offer a new MBA Major in “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership”.

Over the past few years Austria has seen the development of one of Europe’s most lively start-up scenes. The number of businesses being founded is higher than ever before and the establishment of international start-up initiatives in the capital city of Vienna is booming.

In order to establish itself further as a European start-up hub, Austria’s economic, industrial and education sectors must continue to create attractive conditions for committed entrepreneurs. With this in mind MODUL University Vienna has developed this new specialization for its English-speaking Master in Business Administration (MBA). This new Major is intended to support entrepreneurs in the identification of new market trends and business ideas, as well as in the implementation and financing of new business models. The new Major in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership will be open to applicants from autumn 2017 onwards.

Internationally renowned Dean aims to involve the start-up community

The new MBA Major has been curated and implemented by Professor Dimitirs Christopoulos, Dean of the MBA program at MODUL University Vienna and Research Professor at the Edinburgh Business School. According to Prof. Christopoulos, the prerequisites for a well-founded training program are to meet regularly with the target group, discuss their needs and consider their expertise: “We want to support our students as best as possible on their way to becoming successful business leaders. One factor is that of current trends. The economy is dependent on multiple factors, which are themselves dependent on one another and must be constantly re-defined. These include topics such as entrepreneurial culture, state support and regulation, education infrastructure, global competition, innovation education and the availability of capital, all of which are central to our education program.”

Keeping within this theme MODUL University Vienna were pleased to host “You Can’t Teach That! An Evening of Entrepreneurial Experiences”. The event, which looked to bring entrepreneurs, product lovers and higher education experts closer together to discuss the importance of professional experiences learned both in and out of the classroom, took place at the trendy “LOFFICE” co-working space in Vienna. As well as Dimitris Christopoulos introducing the new MBA Major to a room full of interested visitors, attendees also learned about current trends, concept/product development and financing from two special guest speakers; Alexander Baumann from Record Bird and Philipp Sonnleitner of Mikme.

Among the topics discussed at the event, the speakers gave insights on which support entrepreneurs need in terms of further education. Andeas Mahringer, CEO and co-founder of Record Bird, a successful Austrian start-up for music lovers, explained: "I do not believe in a single recipe for success. However, hard work, a complementary and reliable team, the right timing, the necessary support from third parties and a bit of luck are certainly helpful. While studying International Economics, I learned how to deal with bonds, futures and swaps. But the skills I needed to really get started, namely finding an angel investor, VC financing and so on, were missing from the curriculum… Therefore I think offering a training center with practical tools is a very good idea."

By focusing on executive leadership, strategic management and project finance, as well as participating in a dedicated "boot camp" at the end of their studies, students have the opportunity to optimize their entrepreneurial skills. It is the goal of this new Major to not only help students build their own businesses, but to provide them with the skills to plan and reach real growth targets.

For more information about the new MBA Major in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership please see the MODUL University Vienna website here.