MU Vienna launches Startup Hub

MODUL University Vienna launches the Startup Hub in collaboration with WhatAVenutre.

At MODUL University Vienna we believe in academic and business-oriented education. It is our mission to promote entrepreneurial spirit amongst all our students and support their drive and commitment to reach their goals. Apart from integrating entrepreneurship and innovation into our academic programs, we are now taking this commitment even further.

MU’s startup and innovation hub aims at setting up an ecosystem including an accelerator for innovative concepts, technologies and products from the student body and external parties. With it's base of operations on campus, the Startup Hub provides an institutional and infrastructural platform for linking corporate partners with existing and future startups focusing on the tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, as well as service-related industries.

We additionally bring in an extraordinary faculty, dedicated staff as well as our outstanding international current student and alumni body.

Over the years we have built an outstanding professional network with over 500+ international partner companies, making it easy for us to combine these three forces at the campus. MODUL University Vienna aims at acting as the center stage of the startup industry by providing the platform for externally as well as internally developed formats to be implemented at the Kahlenberg Campus.

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