Researcher Mario Diaz Muñoz joins Modul University as part of the i-CONN project

Faculty Project


As part of the i-CONN training program, MSc Mario Diaz Munoz has been invited to join the MU Department of Sustainability, Governance, and Methods

i-CONN is a project funded by the European Comission under their H2020 programme. The project brings together leading academic and non-academic partners across Europe from those disciplines that have led advances in Connectivity Science with the goal of training a new generation of experts in developing interdisciplinary approaches to connectivity across a range of disciplines and real-life applications in the next five to 10 years.

Together with nine other European universities and three partner organizations, Modul University will evaluate statistical approaches and mathematical theories that have arisen across a range of disciplines in order to develop generic connectivity tools to better understand the characteristics of complex systems. i-CONN will deliver interdisciplinary training integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines and stakeholders from the public, private and NGO sectors.

In the course of his work as Early Stage Researcher (ESR) within the i-CONN project, Modul University will provide Mr Muñoz with a unique skill set that includes interdisciplinary scientific techniques and applications of Connectivity Science, to address real-world challenges through a bespoke series of specialized training courses and secondments.

“For my doctoral research [at Modul University Vienna], I am using an interdisciplinary approach for the analysis of global network of oil (energy) flows in the socio-economic system. I am strongly and persistently interested in transformative research grounded in the understanding of complexity and exploring potential leverage points that can inform degrowth/post-growth transitions. The i-CONN network offers a unique opportunity to learn from a wide variety of motivated researchers while working for a better future for which interdisciplinary approaches are needed now more than ever”, Mr Muñoz explains.

For more information on i-CONN and Modul University´s participation in the project follow the link.


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