Two new Study Programs at MU starting this fall

MU launches two new study programs

Two new bachelor study programs were approved by AQ Austria :

BSc in Applied Data Science

BSc in International Management with Professional Experience

Modul University has responded to the growing need for optimizing business processes which, in turn, has increased demand for data science graduates. The emergence of big data and the continuous advancements of tools and methods for analyzing these data offer promising career opportunities for data science graduates. Data scientists support managers in their fundamental goal of making good data-driven decisions. Interdisciplinary data scientists who can apply theoretical data science knowledge to solve real world problems in the field of business and services are particularly in demand.

The MU BSc in Applied Data Science offers specialized courses in big data processing, analysis, and reporting and visualization, machine learning, web and computer programming, as well as fundamental knowledge in management required in solving complex, real-world problems in a variety of fields within industries and services.

The BSc in International Management with Professional Experience is designed to expose students to a wide range of aspects relevant to international businesses, including management ethics, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, and strategic management while providing compulsory professional training during the study period. Choosing a bachelor program with professional experience means gaining knowledge through practical internships and "learning on the job". Modul University is partnering with over 700 companies worlwide in order to offer our students the highly-sought practical professional experience during their studies at Modul. 

MUs President Karl Wöber on this accomplishment: "Particularly our BSc in Appled Data Science (ADS) is a big milestone for our university and will help us to further develop the profile of Modul University. Also, our new BSc in International Management with Professional Experience (IMPE) degree program, strongly requested by our international students, is an important step for further improving the attractivity of our program portfolio."

The University is reaching out to new students from all over the world and is looking forward to welcoming them online or on campus at Kahlenberg, Vienna.

Applications for fall 2021 are accepted from now on. See our Application Process for Bachelor Programs.

Please note that all courses are delivered in the English language.