Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig signs cooperation agreement with universities including MU Vienna

Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig has signed a cooperation agreement with 23 Viennese universities and technical colleges including Modul University Vienna. The long-term goal of the agreement is to expand Vienna's position as a leading European research and innovation metropolis.

President of Modul University Vienna, Karl Wöber emphasized the role of private universities in the city. Institutions such as MU Vienna round off the city’s study offer and could bring specialist inputs and research to topics such as smart cities. With its internationally oriented faculty, Modul University Vienna appreciates and supports the city's commitment to attracting international students and teachers.

As a city of knowledge Vienna is building for the future. The cooperation agreement looks to benefit both the city and MU Vienna. The city will benefit from the know-how of a university with research ranked in the top 25 in top cited publications globally, and MU Vienna will benefit from the infrastructure of the most livable city in the world. Researchers and city administration staff are equally concerned with tackling social issues as well as questions of digitization and sustainability. It is hoped that a lasting exchange will lead to innovative solutions and mutual progress.

For more information on this agreement please see here.