BSc in Applied Data Science starting in September

It has become extremely evident that data processing and analysis can be of immense value for entrepreneurs. Data scientists examine the organization’s data, which helps to define clear business goals and target audiences, enable smarter decision making, identify new opportunities, and improve staff performance. Interaction with technology defines the life we live. Data science shapes our technology and its rapid development by utilizing big data for its improvement. 

Data science might enable businesses to influence our purchasing behavior and increase their profit margin, but the importance of processing data extends much further. The collection of consumer data can improve the collective well-being and financial stability of society, especially regarding the social good. For example, data scientists identified patterns concerning incoming requests for help from Amnesty International. The detected patterns indicate which cases, historically seen, rapidly escalated into crises. Nowadays, new cases are labelled with an urgency indicator that prevent crisis all over the globe. As data scientist, the potential to use data for positive social impact is enormous. 

The World Is Your Data Oyster 

In today’s ever-growing digital world, data scientists are quickly becoming one of the most important employees a business can have. Arguably, the accurate and successful use of big data is an extremely powerful tool that can make or break entire business ventures. According to Harvard Business Review, data scientist is “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. 

Applied Data Science graduates can expect a fast-paced and high-paid career with an abundance of opportunities for personal development and professional growth. Above all, data scientists are not tied to any industry in specific, whether you want to work in the field of tourism, online-gaming, or finance, you will be an essential part of the enterprise. The skills that data scientists acquire are often transferable across a range of fields, therefore it is relatively easy to switch between various companies related to different industries. Big international organizations and middle- to small-sized businesses alike are in need of qualified data scientists to process and analyze data that benefits their growth. Data science job titles include data architect, data scientist, data analyst, information officer, and statistician. Other common areas include retail, health, information technology, government, e-commerce, and scientific research. 

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