Bachelor Programs

Nikolaus Munaretto, Austria

Since both my parents are self-employed in tourism, I was lucky to experience the world of traveling and tourism from an early age on and ever since have been fascinated by this multi-faceted industry. I was looking for an international environment where I could make friends from all over the world and, at the same time, deepen my knowledge about tourism.

There are two aspects of the curriculum that I like in particular. Firstly, the mandatory internship, since I believe that practical experiences are crucial for this branch and it helps to figure out where to go later in life. Secondly, I really enjoyed the enrichment courses, as they give you the chance to shape the curriculum according to your specific interests, or let you dabble in completely new fields.

In my opinion, the relationship students maintain with lecturers and staff at the university. The professors are interested in the students’ progress and always are available to help and give advice. Furthermore, all the services offered at MU, like MODUL Career, really add value to the programs.

I highly value all the opportunities and experiences I was fortunate enough to experience at MU. I will always remember the ‘’Young Hotelier Summit’’ in Lausanne, where I was one of two delegates from MU selected by MODUL Career, and the unforgettable time we shared together. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience!