Brand Guidelines

Brand and Visual Identity

A brand is the emotional connection people make with an organization. A brand comprises many elements, both tangible and intangible, and is based on everything an organization says and does: its values and beliefs, the experiences it offers, and the messages it communicates, to name a few. A strong brand inspires trust, loyalty and a sense of excellence. Without it, an organization cannot stand out from the crowd.

The University Communications Office developed a Brand & Visual Identity Guidebook with the purpose of providing guidance for university staff & faculty members as well as all external partners on how to use MODUL University Vienna's brand values, brand strategies and visual elements in publications and other public materials.  

Based on the university’s vision, mission statement and experiences collected during the first 5 years of operation, the university identified certain ‘’brand values“ which were approved by the university board, serve as guidelines for the long-term student marketing brand strategy and are used mainly for promotion of the Undergraduate and Graduate study programs. 

For further details please have a look at the Brand & Visual Identity Guidebook

The MODUL University brand stands for quality higher education and supports the values the university was built on. The logo forms the basis for the university’s visual identity, supported by standardized fonts and a strong colour scheme that unifies all our printed and digital material and makes a brand statement. The primary elements of our visual identity are the logo with approved variations, typography for print and for web, and the primary colour schemes.

For further details please have a look at the Brand & Visual Identity Guidebook.

You can find a comprehensive guide to MODUL University Vienna's print and digital branded material as of February 2016 in our Design Look and Feel guidebook.

If you would like to request high resolution images that you need for publication (print or web), please contact the University Communication Office to clarify photo rights issues. Please view MU's image gallery for examples of available images.