The official MODUL University logo consists of the MU Cube, the words MODUL UNIVERSITY underscored by the text WKO PRIVATE UNIVERSITY and must be used in its entire formation including the city declination VIENNA. The logo is a graphic element that uses official type fonts and colors, and a specific configuration. Always use the logo as provided and do not reposition any elements without the approval of the University Communications Office.

Primary Wordmark


This two-colour version should be used whenever possible. If a two colour print is not possible, the logo may be used in white printed on a red background, or in 85% black. 

Approved variations

85 % Black

Inverted (preferred solution) – White on Red Background


The ‘MU Cube’ may be used in certain situations as “design element” to support the visual identity and where the full name of the university and/or website URL also appear. It should be avoided to use the cube as a stand-alone element (without the university logo) on products / publications that are used outside of the university community.

 MU Red

Approved variations:

85% Black

Inverted Cube (preferred solution) - White on Red Background