We support you to ensure that MU is the right fit for your students!

As many of MODUL University Vienna's undergraduate students come from international schools, we consider it of vital importance to build long-lasting relationships with university and guidance counselors from international schools from all over the world. Our activities involve keeping counselors informed about the university's study programs and admission requirements as well as updating them about recent developments and campus news.

MODUL University Vienna is a proud member of higher education organizations such as NACAC, CIS, College Board, OACAC and the European Universities Consortium. For further information on our engagement in those bodies, please visit our partner organizations page.

In order to ensure that counselors are always up-to-date with our study programs and admission requirements, the recruitment team regularly visits high schools worldwide, organizes annual counselor fly- ins, attends college fairs and annual conferences such as CIS and OACAC. We also offer counselors the opportunity to receive our digital newsletter or to request a postal mailing of the newest version of our undergraduate program brochures.

Top three counselor requests

If you want to know more about the status of your students' applications, please contact our admissions office via email (admissionssymbolmodul.acpunktat). Below you find a list to the most important links that potential students usually search during their application process:

  • Link to frequently asked questions of applicants => here
  • Link to admission criteria => here
  • Link to our online applications system => here
  • Link to math self evaluation test => here
  • Link to tuition fees, scholarships and other financial information => here

The recruitment team visits many international schools worldwide every year. If you are interested in receiving a visit or inviting us to your in-house college fairs, please send an email to Ioana Benea. High school visits usually are organized by:

Want to hear more about our programs, student life and life in Vienna, then contact us for a online presentation appointment. We can present MODUL University in front of your students just one click away and answer any questions.