Please show your 2.5G proof - thank you for caring!

2.5G applies on campus for guests, students, staff and faculty.

2.5G means - in German: Genesen oder Geimpft oder Getested (nur PCR):

  • Recovered in the last six months, or
  • 3x vaccinated (2nd dose valid for 180 days, 3rd dose valid for 270 days), or
  • PCR tested with a negative result (or ct level above 30, no symptoms) less than 48 hours

Policy for masks:

  • FFP2 masks must be worn at all times unless seated and a distance of 2 meters is maintained. 
  • If masks are worn for the duration of the lecture, the lecturers must offer a break of at least 10 minutes every 90 minutes.

The following 2.5G proofs will be accepted to enter the building:

  • A certificate of vaccination from an EU recognized vaccine
    • the first series of vaccinations (two vaccinations leading to the issue of a vaccination certificate with 2/2) or 2/1, or recovery from COVID-19 plus one vaccination (vaccination certificate 1/1) will be valid for 180 days. Vaccination certificates for booster vaccinations (3 vaccinations leading to the issue of vaccination certificate 3/3), or recovery from COVID-19 plus two vaccinations (vaccination certificates 3/3) or 3/1), will continue to be valid for 270 days.
  • A full vaccination cycle of any of the vaccines specified below:
    • SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell), Inactivated (InCoV; Covilo) von Sinopharm/BIBP Beijing
    • Bio-Institute of Biological Products,
    • COVID-19 Vaccine (CoronaVac) von Sinovac,
    • BBV152 (COVAXIN) von Bharat Biotech,
    • SARS-CoV-2 rS Protein (COVID-19) recombinant spike protein Nanoparticle Vaccine NVXCoV2373
    • (COVOVAX) von Serum Institute of India und
    • ChAdOx1_nCoV-19 Corona Virus Vaccine (Covishield) von Serum Institute of India.
  • A certified positive test for neutralizing antibodies (valid for 90 days from the date of the test) for people that received none of the vaccines listed above
  • A medical certificate or a positive PCR test confirming an infection with SARS-CoV-2 in the past six months provided one has fully recovered (and completed any ordered quarantine measures) in the meantime
  • PCR test less than 48 hours

Certificates have to be provided either in English or in German. Please note that no self-tests will be offered on campus.


In order to facilitate the COVID checking process, we invite you to install the “Grüner Pass” App and show your certificates. Please consult this website for further details.

How do I get a green passport? 

  1. You need to register for a personal digital signature “A-trust” Handy-Signatur (
  2. Subsequently, you need to register for a digital green passport Grüner Pass | Gesundheitsportal– Login with your A-trust signature. 

The MU Team is trained to clean accordingly. 
For further information please check the COVID-19 prevention concept.