Welcome to your Online Orientation!

You may be still awaiting for your visa before joining us on campus. We want to welcome you to Modul University Vienna and provide some information to guide you for the journey ahead.  During this online orientation, you will meet the president and the dean but also learn about the services available to you as "Modulians" and take a virtual tour of the campus. 

Orientation is mandatory for all new students. Please listen to all videos and presentations by pressing the images and buttons. Afterwards, test your MU know-how by taking our quiz. Your name will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win prizes. 

We hope you will enjoy your start at MU and we certainly look forward to meet you in person soon!  

Welcome to Modul University!

Please find yourself welcomed by our president, Karl Wöber, the Student Services and Career Center (SSCC) and your Dean Ivo Ponocny.

Your academic success





Explore the Campus in 360 Degrees

Your Career Support

One Service by the SSCC is to support you on your way to your dream job. Ms. Jasmin Séra is the right person to contact if you are motivated to get a Job.

Career Service at MU (5min)

The MU Start-Up Hub

Do you want to start your own business? Benefit from our on-campus startup hub if you already have a business idea and want to be your own CEO in the future. Listen to our Startup Hub Manager explaining how you can join the program.

MU Startup Hub Talk (4min)

Your Student Union (ÖH) at Modul

The ÖH Modul, a branch of the Austrian Students’ Union at Modul University Vienna, enhances the student experience at MU by representing student interests in official university capacities, organizing student events, and providing additional student support services. 

Student Union Presentation (2min)  

Your wellbeing as a student

How are you feeling? It affects your academic success, so find out how we can support you. 

Student Accounts

Questions about finances? Learn more about what the student accounts office can help you with!

Sustainability at MU

Do you want to know what sustainability means to our campus and how we try to minimize our impact on the planet? Listen to Davis Gibbs' presentation! 

Chat with students right now

Test your MU Know-How

Now, it is time to test your MU know-how! 
Take this quiz to see how much you know about your university. By submitting your answers, you have the chance to win prizes such as hoodies, water bottles, socks, T-Shirts, back packs, etc. from our MU shop. All students who get 18+ points, will be put in the “winning pool” and notified from the SSCC, if they won. Good luck! 

Take the quiz!


Create a profile on the MU Career Job Portal

You’re almost done with your online orientation. But before, we would like to ask you to have a look and explore at the MU Career Job Portal where students can find job offers, internships, events and partner companies. 

To accomplish the task, get familiar with the MU Career Centre Job Portal. Create your own profile using your new Modul email address only. And finally, like our MU Career Facebook (Modul Career Vienna) page.

Join us on campus!

You completed your online orientation. Once you are ready to join us on campus, please take the following steps to register at Modul University Vienna: 

1) Visit the Student Services and Career Center  
Email the SSAC at ssacsymbolmodul.acpunktat to inform us about the date and time you will come to campus. We will have your welcome letter, your welcome present and your student ID waiting for you. We are also happy to give you a tour around campus and explain the next steps to you.   

2) Show your original documents  
You will still need to show original documents such as your passport, proof of proficient in English (if applicable), High school leaving certificate as well as your postal address in Vienna. Please email our admissions team at ssacsymbolmodul.acpunktat to make an appointment!  

3) Visit the reception   
You will receive a key to the building from our friendly receptionist. Please make sure to have €20 cash with you for the key deposit.