Tourism and Service Management


The Development of a Tourism Marketing Information System.
Objective: Developing and testing interactive tools which support tourism related management tasks. Funded by the Austrian National Tourism Office and the European Travel Commission with a project value of approx. € 190,000 (since 1990). See


Understanding urban tourism in Europe and creating a harmonized system of European City Tourism Statistics. The long-term objective of this project is to increase the awareness for regional tourism, particularly city tourism in Europe. Related to this research field is some work for an ESPON project ('Study on spatially relevant aspects of Tourism'), which may lead to a much larger EU funded project within the INTERREG/INTERACT program.


Intelligent Recommendation for Tourist Destination Decision Making. The purpose of this EU funded project (IST-2000-29474) is to develop and test a recommendation system using case-based reasoning techniques (see project website).

Tourism Specific Search Engines

The investigation of domain-specific search engines for supporting the information search process of tourists has led to the creation of, a portal that makes websites for more than 200 city tourist offices accessible to the public. Basic research related to this area includes the investigation of the joint use of content and usage mining techniques in order to enhance interactive online marketing tools.