Research Blog

"Statistics smoothly govern many processes in modern societies. The Department for Applied Statistics and Economics carries out research on statistical methods and results as tools for monitoring societal development. Special interest lies on the assessment of objective and subjective living conditions and on human as well as social capital."
Prof. Ivo Ponocny

"The New Media Technology Department conducts applied research on annotating and analyzing electronic resources. The integration of semantic, social and geospatial technologies helps us build and visualize complex information spaces."
Prof. Arno Scharl

"The research focus of the Public Governance and Sustainable Development department is the identification, analysis, and evaluation of the most effective institutional arrangements, policies, strategies, and governance practices for sustainable social and economic development."
Prof. Harvey Goldstein

"The Tourism and Service Management Department's core research activities include the analysis of travel flows and industry trends as well as the advancement of consumer behavior explanation models related to travel and leisure."
Prof. Karl Wöber

"Environmental and social sustainability is a key principle of MODUL University Vienna, acknowledging and embracing the urgent need for development strategies that meet the needs of the present and improve the welfare of future generations."
Prof. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher