Dean's List Award

Dean's List Award for outstanding students

The Award is given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement within one semester. Only the most exceptional students qualify for this award!  


Dean's List Award requirements:

  • Students must obtain a minimum of 24 ECTS or more during the respective semester at Modul University.
  • Students must obtain a weighted average grade of 90% or above and cannot have a final grade below 80% in any course in the respective semester.
  • Only courses within a student's curriculum and only grades obtained at Modul University qualify for the weighted average grade calculation. 
  • Only first attempts will be counted (if a student fails a course the first time and then retakes it, it will not be taken into account)
  • Students with any record of academic misconduct are not eligible for Dean's List recognition.
  • Only students in BBA, BSc, and MSc programs are eligible. 


Dean's List Award benefits:

  • Recognition: Students who have made the Dean’s List will receive a certificate of recognition and may recieve other benefits as decided by the University Board. 
  • Free Course: Each time a student makes the Dean’s List, he/she is eligible to enroll in an additional enrichment course of their choice, outside of their curriculum, at no extra cost. The Academic Office will advise eligible students regarding course availability and special conditions. 


Dean's List certificates are available upon request from the Academic Office.