Tuition reductions for current students

Scholarships, Grants and Reductions for MU Students

We would like to keep our friends close. If you are already an active MU student and consider staying at MU for another program you might be eligible for the following reductions.

Options for current MU students

Modul University grants Merit Grants funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Economics to currently enrolled students in all programs on the basis of academic excellence and extracurricular involvement. According to Austrian StudFG, there are two types of Merit Scholarships: "Leistungsstipendium" and "Förderstipendium".  The Academic Excellence Scholarship (Leistungsstipendium) is awarded to those with high academic performance and the Research Support Scholarship (Förderstipendium) is awarded to excellent students to cover research costs associated with a thesis. 

Amount: Re-defined on an annual basis.


  • For BBA and BSc, MSc and MBA applicants, if they have completed a minimum of 45 ECTS  during the previous academic year;  
  • For PhD applicants, if they have completed a full-time load of courses during the previous academic year. 
  • Have a weighted average grade above 85% on courses taken at Modul University (excluding internships) during the last academic year.  
  • Have demonstrated engagement with extracurricular or community activities during their studies at MU. These can include committee work, serving as a student representative, community/volunteer involvement, participation in on-campus and off-campus university activities and other such contributions.  

The Federal Ministry restricts these merit scholarships to Austrian citizens and citizens given parity of treatment.  Citizens given parity of treatment are defined as follows:

  • EWR Citizens (including Swiss nationals)
  • Citizens from third party countries (outside of EWR) holding a Permanent Residence Permit Card (
  • Stateless, if liable for income tax without restrictions together with a parent in Austria for five years prior to having been admitted to a study program in Austria (documented by “Amtliche Meldung in Österreich”)
  • Recognized convention refugees according to Art 1. BGBI Nr. 55/1955 (documented by refugee status – Passport and official decision “Flüchtlingsbescheid”)

Application process:
For an  Academic Excellence Scholarship (Leistungsstipendium), applicants must submit:  

  • A motivation letter indicating why the applicant merits consideration; 
  • Confirmation documents regarding additional activities and social engagements (recommendation letters, confirmation letters, etc.); 
  • Transcript of grades (obtain this from the Academic Office via the Online Campus-document request).    

For a Research Support Scholarship (Förderstipendium), applicants must submit in addition:  

  • An abstract of their thesis;  
  • A budget plan (students must later present evidence that their actual expenditures were consistent with their proposal);  
  • The timetable for completing the research; 
  • A recommendation letter of the student’s supervisor that should make reference to how realistic is the student’s budget and indicate the predicted grade for the thesis;    
  • Transcript of grades (obtain this from the Student Service Center/Onlinecampus-document requests).    

Students can apply for either a Leistungsstipendium or a Förderstipendium, but not for both at the same time. The number and size of grants awarded depends on the funds made available by the Ministry.

The application period is now open and students are encouraged to apply for an Academic Excellence Scholarship (Leistungsstipendium) or Research Support Scholarship (Förderstipendium) until January 16, 2023.

This scholarship is awarded to students who contribute to the University’s goal of making a positive sustainability impact. The types of application that are considered are: Thesis & Research Proposals. Applications should ideally incorporate all three sustainability pillars by addressing relevant environmental, social, and economic considerations.

Thesis & Research Proposals:

MU commits itself to promote research in the area of sustainability conducted by the student base and joint research groups in collaboration with the faculty and awards thesis and other research proposals submitted by current undergraduate (BBA and BSc), graduate (MBA and MSc), and PhD students (research proposals only) from all study programs at MU.

Funding amount

Each submission received will be judged on its merits by the MU Merit Scholarship Committee. The funding amount is linked to compensation for research expenses incurred and will only be provided after the (thesis) research has been successfully conducted.

The scholarship provides a compensation for expenses, which include costs related to data collection, travel to conferences (e.g., AIEST Early Career Workshop, BEST-EN Think Tank, Hyatt Student Prize, Hult Prize, IATE PhD Workshop, IFITT PhD Workshop, ISCONTOUR, World Conference of Graduate Research, etc.), publishing, etc.

Submission guidelines

Proposals should be between 1,500 and 4,000 words in length and of a high academic standard. Submissions should provide a timeline for the research project and explicitly state the amount of money requested and specify the purpose(s) for which it would be used. Justification should be provided as to why this methodological approach is superior to other/cheaper alternatives. Efforts to co-finance the research through other sources are appreciated.

For thesis submissions, the research proposal in accordance with the curriculum relevant to the applicant has to be submitted instead, along with an acceptance statement of the research proposal by the thesis supervisor.

Recipients are required to present their research project and results to faculty, staff and invited students to promote knowledge transfer at MU, and must present evidence that their actual expenditures were consistent with their proposal.

Evaluation criteria

The main criterion against which submissions are evaluated is their contribution to fostering sustainability. As such, submissions should outline the nature of the research or thesis project – including the research questions – and should highlight the foreseen environmental, social, and economic impacts of the research in concrete terms; it is advantageous to discuss how and where the research findings will be implemented and/or communicated in order to achieve these impacts.

Furthermore, an assessment of the plausibility of research expenses will be conducted.


The call for applications is currently open, and those interested should be sure to submit their applications through this online application form by July 31.

Questions about your submission should be sent to the Academic Office at

Topic Selection

Please check the list of available thesis topics for BBA/BSc or MSc/MBA students or directly discuss a potential sustainability-related thesis topic with your envisaged supervisor. The research proposals prepared during the thesis supervision process must be accepted by the applicant’s thesis supervisor before applying for this scholarship. The MU Merit Scholarship Committee decides on the general eligibility of the thesis topic and may ask the MU Sustainability Committee for consultation in the process.


The Scholarship of Hope was originally founded by Prof. Daniel Fesenmaier to stimulate students to come up with original and innovative tourism development strategies. Currently, the scholarship is funded primarily by donations from faculty of revenues from research projects, as well as generous donations of lecture and speakers’ fees from external lecturers visiting MODUL University Vienna.

Options for MU Alumni

Amount: up to 100% (remaining Administration fee of EUR 2.000,- for every semester)

Eligibility: Valedictorians of each Bachelor study program applying for an MSc program at MU Vienna.

Overview: This scholarship is awarded to students who have the highest academic record of all graduating students (for each Bachelor study program) in a particular academic year. 

Application format: no application required

Amount:  depending on your grade point average (GPA)
GPA>95%: 40% of tuition
GPA>90%: 35% of tuition
GPA>85%: 30% of tuition
GPA>80%: 25% of tuition
GPA>70%: 15% of tuition
GPA<70%: 10% of tuition

Eligibility: If you completed an undergraduate degree at MU and choose to continue your studies at MU in the MSc or MBA study prorgrams, you are eligible for the Alumni Grant.

Application format: no application required