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International Day is MU's biggest charity event of the year where our community of students and friends comes together to celebrate cultural diversity through music, food, and performances. 

This year's International Day 2016 featured the launch of the first ever MU Community Cookbook, a collection of recipes from the students, staff, and faculty of MODUL University Vienna! This year's proceeds benefited the Magdas Hotel, a social hotel that is making waves in the tourism and hospitality industry by providing an attractive platform for former refugees and asylum seekers in Vienna to acquire knowledge and skills in hotel operations and management. Our special guests included representatives from the Magdas Hotel as well as the musical stylings of a refugee choir care of Vienna's Red Cross.

Twenty different countries and regions of the world were represented at the 2016 International Day!

Armenia     Australia     Austria     China     France     Hong Kong     Hungary     India     Italy     Latin America     Malaysia     Middle East     Montenegro     Commonwealth of Independent States     Scandinavia     Slovakia    Thailand     Turkey     Ukraine     United States of America

The MU Community Cookbook features recipes and stories from our very own students, faculty, staff, and alumni! All proceeds generated by cookbook sales on International Day benefited the Magdas Hotel. Be sure to get your very own MU Community Cookbook to learn how to prepare some of the dishes prepared on International Day! Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Babette's Spice and Books for Cooks and Ja! Natürlich, who helped make our first cookbook a great success!